"AWB-Tour 2010 -  From Orient to Occident "
One People, One Sky


23 April. 2010 to  31 May 2010


The 1.AWB-Car is ready for the trip to Syria

First Meeting at SAAA (Syrian Amateur Astronomers Association) Office www.saaa-sy.org :
At my right hand Dr. Firas Safadi and on my left Eng.Mohammed Al Assiri

People gathering for SAAA-Meeting

First contacts and talks with Syrian Amateurastronomers

Introduction to the meeting  by SAA Präsidenten Eng. Mohammed Al Assiri

Sound & technic check

Dr. Firas Safadi is translating my presentation to Arabic language.

Many interested people are listening to my presentation about AWB and my trip.

Specialguests: Astronomers from Lebanon

My little present to Mr. Eng.Mohammed Al Assiri

Discussion, discussion, discussion ...........

........ questions, questions, questions.


Looking through the 12,5" Dobsontelescope

On my right hand Mr. Samer Biazid  from SAAA.


Next evening we met again - We have been invited by SAAA to the world biggest restaurant :-)


The largest complete individual of the iron meteoriteSikhote Alin (106 kg)
 belongs to the owner of the restaurant and is displayed here.

Look at the following  pictures, there is nothing to explain .... ;-)


We like the "arabic way of astronomy-life" :-)
Thousand thanks to all for this warming welcome in Syria !


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